CIS-Net Powered by FastTrack

A Global Interconnected Network

The ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’ provides a global and interconnected network of documentation tools pertaining to the identification of musical works, audio-visual works, interested parties and agreements information.

CIS-Net Powered by FastTrack

In this way, the CIS-Net assists the Shareholder societies in the timely and accurate distribution of royalties. The CIS-Net portal now provides 122 CMOs with access to metadata on more than 36,1 million single musical works and 3,7 million audio-visual works, and information on agreements and sub-publishing agreements to its CIS-Net users. It incorporates a set of international standards such as the ISWC (International Standard musical Works Code) identifier.

Today FastTrack offers a range of solutions to the community, among which the following:

  • Musical Works Information (MWI) (2001);
  • Audio-Visual Information (AVI) (2004);
  • Unidentified Performances matching (UP matching) (2006)
  • Agreements repository (AGM) (2007)
  • Public ISWC-Net (2007)
  • Central Search Index (CSI) (2008)
  • Documentation Clean-up and Integrity (DCI) (2012)
  • Live Performance Notifications (NLP) (2014)
  • Audio Visual Batch Services (2015)
  • Single Work Dashboard (2016)

CIS-Net Portal for CISAC Member Societies

FastTrack and CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) have signed a Master Agreement to provide access to the CIS-Net portal to all CISAC member societies. The network was opened to the CISAC community in the second quarter of 2005, allowing more than 120 CISAC member societies to consult the national and international repertoires of the databases connected to the CIS-Net. This FastTrack technology has allowed CISAC member societies to perform real-time searches on works information available through CIS-Net anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

Exchanging Information on Live Performances

One of the latest functionality delivered within CIS-Net has been to provide CIS-Net users with the ability to automatically exchange information on Live Performances: with the creation of this new tool we are now able to leverage Musical Works data to create user-friendly set lists. This also allows users to modify and re-use existing set lists as well as to create an index of musical venues, which has the potential to act as a trigger for licensing leads.

Another Step Further with the Development of 4 Cross-Industry Tools and Solutions Initiatives and a New User Interface

Our Cross-Industry Steering Committee recognized the need to establish a collaboration framework that includes all major communities, in order to maximize industry consensus and minimize duplication of effort.

Our Board fully supported the need for improvement in the implementation of business rules and standards in societies. The CISAC Secrétariat and FastTrack Management team have reinforced their cooperation, especially in the field of the implementation of identifiers, standards and business rules.

Our Board also recommended to start with the development and the implementation of the so-called following  Cross-Industry Tools and Solutions Initiatives:

  • The ‘ISWC Resolution Service‘ ;
  • The ‘Rights-Holders Access to CIS-Net’ starting with an update of the existing specification with the aim of meeting users’ expectations;
  • The IPI data dissemination tool so-called ‘On-line IPI Lookup Service’.