Our Mission


Facilitating the Exchange of Copyright Information

FastTrack’s ongoing mission is to deliver broadly adopted solutions that facilitate the international exchange of information in the music, media and entertainment industry, enabling timely, accurate and efficient compensation to rights owners.

Developing and Maintaining ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’ for Collective Management Organizations

FastTrack has developed the leading international transactional platform for the exchange of music and audio-visual authorship, ownership and agreements information, now known as the ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’. It currently serves more than 120 Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) which administer intellectual-property rights in more than 100 countries, with a combined database of more than 30 million single works. An important part of FastTrack’s ongoing mission is to continue to refine and expand the capabilities of this global transactional platform using state-of-the-art web-enabled technologies.

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Global Technical Alliance

Serving a Global Alliance

FastTrack accomplishes its mission through a global alliance among Collective Management Organizations (CMOs). Together they are dedicated to setting a worldwide standard of excellence in serving their members and customers by optimizing intra- and inter-organizational business processes, while exploring new opportunities to provide critical infrastructure. Digital service providers are thus enabled to rapidly and efficiently aggregate information for and compensate authors and IP owners represented by CMOs in the music, media and entertainment industries.

FastTrack Core Values

FastTrack’s management philosophy focuses on reaching these goals through a commitment to a collaborative, agile and cost efficient development of value-oriented cutting edge technology.

Best Practices


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Active Involvement in Cross-Industry Initiatives

FastTrack is in charge of the Cross-Industry Tools and Solutions.