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Delivery of CIS-Net 5, including the Single Work Dashboard

Michael O’Neill, elected Chair of the Board of Directors


Delivery of “ISWC Resolution Service”

Christophe Waignier, new FastTrack President

Hein van der Ree and Eric Baptiste re-elected Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors


33,6 Million single works in CIS-Net

June 2014: UBC (Brazil) new Shareholder

New Era, New Strategy


78 societies contribute to CIS-Net and 121 societies use CIS-Net in their daily operations

June 2013, Washington: Buma / Stemra’s Hein van der Ree is elected Chair of the Board of Directors, SOCAN’s Eric Baptiste as Vice-Chair for  2-year term

GRD: FastTrack and ICE collaborate in developments of the GRD (see information on GRD on web site for details)

July 2013: Michel Allain named FastTrack Director General, replacing Chris van Houten (retired)


Global Repertoire Database (GRD): FastTrack is one of the three service providers in addition to Deloitte and ICE with contribution to the R&D phase.


Opening access to Audio-Visual Index to Publishers


Delivery of CSI (Common Search Index) aimed to browse the CIS-Net nodes, to identify duplicate domestic musical works and to monitor the assignment of ISWCs


29 million works in CIS-Net

89 CISAC societies use CIS-Net and 51 societies contribute to the network

Launch of CIS-Net AVI (Audio-Visual Information) allowing exchange of cue-sheet information


October: Official launch of ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’ allowing all CISAC societies to connect to the network


Signature of Partnership Agreement with CISAC for the development of ISWC-Net, which assigns unique digital identifiers to each musical work


First live demonstration of CIS-Net and ISWC-Net at the occasion of the CISAC World Congress (Seoul, Korea)

New Member: ASCAP (United States)

Partnership agreement with CISAC and adoption of FastTrack technology and global standard for the developments of CIS-Net.


New Members: Buma / Stemra (The Netherlands), MCPS-PRS (United Kingdom), SOCAN (Canada)

Implementation of GDDN by Member Societies

Launch of what was called the ‘Global Documentation and Distribution network’ (GDDN), the first version of the networked computing infrastructure.


Negotiation on membership/client relationship with CISAC societies

February: formal incorporation as « F.T., the Digital Copyright Network»


New Members: AKM/Austromechana (Austria), SABAM (Belgium), SUISA (Switzerland)

Opening of the Paris Office; Chris van Houten appointed Director General