Benefits for Music Rights-Holders

The sharing of technological expertise and development costs, combined with the power of a network computing architecture using the Internet, is delivering substantial benefits for the rights-holders represented by Collective Management Societies using “CIS-Net powered by FastTrack”, resulting in back-office savings.

The main advantages for right-holders include:

Increased speed and accuracy of royalty payments arising from the infrastructure improvements listed below:

  • Improved works registration process, especially for the registration of Live Performances through our Live Performance Notifications tool.
  • Improved, faster and significantly more automated international exchange of works information among societies.
  • Uniqueness of each registered work and reduced number of registered duplicate works, thanks to ISWC unique identification number enabled through FastTrack.

Additional benefits include:

  • Lower administrative barriers for businesses seeking to distribute content online and to ensure that creators of music are quickly and efficiently compensated for their work.
  • Fewer counter-claims, and less time to resolve these.
  • Fewer unidentified works, meaning increased revenue for rights-holders.