Benefits for Copyright Management Organizations

Proven core benefits include:

Facilitation of the day-to-day business practices of the Collective Management Organizations using the CIS-Net platform. The number of foreign incoming royalties received in error have been reduced, while accuracy of works and interested parties identification has increased. The number of inquiries among societies using CIS-Net to resolve the differences in copyright data from different territories has been reduced, as well has the number of erroneous payment inquiries.

Additional benefits include:

Refinement of audio-visual cue-sheet processing, and the possibility for societies to verify relevant details pertaining to affiliates from other societies, reducing the number of affiliates inquiries. The implementation of one of our most recent tools, called the AVI (Audio-Visual Index), provided societies with immediate benefits including expedited, automatic processing of cue-sheet data along with increased accuracy of royalties distribution on audio-visual performances.