FastTrack tools have been and are continuously being developed for the benefit of the Songwriters, Composers and Music Publishers represented by each society involved in our network. Thanks to the efforts of the FastTrack teams, FastTrack tools are largely scalable and could be made available to other stakeholders in the future.

music right holders

Benefits for Music Rights Holders

The sharing of technological expertise and development costs, combined with the power of a network computing architecture using the Internet, is delivering substantial benefits for the rights-holders represented by Collective Management Societies using “CIS-Net powered by FastTrack”, resulting in back-office savings.


Benefits for Entertainment Industry

Originally established to serve authors and rights holders through their copyright management organizations, FastTrack’s expanded solutions are also beneficial to entertainment industry stakeholders, as they enable:

  • Faster, more accurate and efficient access to works authorship, ownership and agreements information through Collective Management Societies using CIS-Net powered by FastTrack.
  • Optimized licensing operations using the relevant data.
  • Improved musical works tracking thanks to the FastTrack enabled ISWC unique identification number system.
  • Accurate and globally consistent view of works metadata.
entertainment industry

digital service providers

Benefits for Digital Service Providers (DSPs)

Organizations representing licensees’ interests (Google, iTunes, Omnifone etc.) can anticipate the following advantages with enhancements to FastTrack tools currently being developed:

  • Improved licensing process with better identification of who to go to for licenses
  • More efficiency in the reconciliation of royalty invoices
  • Potential for increase in licensed music services
  • Potential for new information services
  • Ability to track works thanks to ISWC unique identification number and ISWC-Net, enabled by FastTrack
  • Facilitated ISWC dissemination among Digital Service Providers (DSPs)

Benefits for Copyright Management Organizations (CMOs)

Proven core benefits include: Facilitation of the day-to-day business practices of the Collective Management Organizations using the CIS-Net platform. The number of foreign incoming royalties received in error has decreased, while accuracy of works and interested parties identification has increased. The number of inquiries among societies using CIS-Net to resolve the differences in copyright data from different territories has been reduced, as has the number of erroneous payment inquiries.


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